Direct Mail Combined with 7 Digital Technologies

Our GrowthTrack campaign brings you:

  • A seamless integration of 7 digital technologies combined with a direct mail campaign
  • Measurable hard-numbers tracking all of your results
  • An unprecedented opportunity to get the contact information of people that have visited your site, but left before taking any action. A new source of leads!
  • Affordability! 30-Day Campaign including all 7 technologies and 5,000 6” x 9” postcards starting at $2,049*.

*List Purchase, Graphic Design and Postage are additional depending upon the campaign requirements.

How does it work?



We find the names and addresses of people on your mailing list who have social media accounts. For the first 14 days of the campaign, they see your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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The USPS sends a daily email showing a picture of mail arriving in their mailbox.

We include an ad driving them to your website before they even see the mailed piece.

This service is wildly successful. Over 33 million people have informed delivery, with 1 million signing up each month.

Because people have signed up, the average open rate is huge at 70%.

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With Intelligent Mail Barcoding synced w/ Google Maps, you’ll be able to track EACH piece of mail and even see a STREET VIEW of the location.

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We provide a tracked phone number for your mailed piece that links directly to your company. Now you’ll know every call that comes as a direct result of your campaign!



Have you ever visited a company website and then started seeing that company’s ads on other websites?

During this retargeting process, website visitors receive a “cookie” via Google so your ads follow them as they browse online. These Google Display network ads keep your business in front of your unique visitors, showing your ad an average of 8 to 16 times, making them 74% more likely to convert on your website. If your leads don’t take action (fill out a form or buy), you stay in touch. No leads left behind!



In addition to retargeting on Google, we are also able to follow a user that’s been to your website using Facebook and Instagram’s ad network, showing them ads as they scroll.



You never knew who came to your website…until now!

You’re able to purchase a list, with the contact information of who came to your website during the campaign.

You will also see the pages they visited, so you’ll know exactly how hot they are

Want to see a personal demo?

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What Colorworks Clients are Saying

I love that I can track my entire campaign on one Dashboard! And my results have been excellent!

— Brian Kersey from Foulkeways at Gwynedd

Client testimonyBrandy at Colorworks has been amazing. She answers all of our questions right away and sends daily reports on the status of our GrowthTrack campaign. We have never been able to track results like we can with this dashboard. So far we are very happy with the results

— Jill Carr from DWM Roofing

To learn more about how each technology works visit our in-depth GrowthTrack page

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