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Examples of what the best companies in America do to build and empower their staff.

Your staff makes your business hum; they keep clients and members happy and pave the way for future growth. Consider what leaders in every industry know—that cultivating a positive and exciting work culture is the first step to achieving your company’s vision.

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According to a recent article, the top companies build their cultures in a variety of ways:

Emphasis on employee wellness.  

This can include gym perks, onsite nutrition workshops, and encouraging exercise options during breaks and lunchtime. Some companies have a walking club or fun weight loss activities. Promote a positive work/life balance. Healthy employees are happier and more productive!

Grow off your current culture.  

What makes your company unique? What do you want to change? Look for employee feedback to make your company even better. Then, put your vision in action with staff training and continuing education opportunities. Once employees embrace your vision, it will be reflected in how they serve others within the organization as well as your clients or members.

Provide meaning.  

Everyone needs to feel what they are doing is meaningful, and indeed, it is. Regularly communicate your core values and how every person in the organization is part of building and strengthening these values.

Create goals.  

Goals are something all of us can work together to achieve. They keep everyone in the organization motivated and can foster teamwork. When we understand our roles and have clear expectations, productivity naturally surges.

Encourage positivity.  

Nothing is more infectious than a positive attitude – everywhere in life. Think about things that make you feel good: smiles, eye contact, positive feedback. Lead by example.

Foster social connections.  

These are the little extras that make where you work an exceptional place. Build teamwork in a variety of ways – try for professional development days, lunches catered in during busy times, and celebrating even the small things, together.


It is one of the most powerful traits anyone can have. Listen more than you speak, and you’ll learn more about your company and the world around you. Ensure your employees’ opinions and ideas are heard.

Empower “culture champions.”

Consider naming someone in your organization that exemplifies these traits and is interested in fostering it in others. Here is your culture champion!

Source:, “How To Build A Positive Company Culture,” By Alan Kohll,

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