Wall Graphics

Custom wall graphics are a great way to add some personality to a space. It is both the practical and economical solution to a custom paint job.

Practical Solution: Portions of the wall graphics can be reprinted and replaced easily if part of the wall graphic is scuffed or damaged. Also, if you utilize part of your brand as the design and it changes down the line, wall graphics aren’t permanent and can be changed whenever you want.

Economical Solution: The amount of detail that can be included in a high resolution wall graphic would take hours and hours of custom painting, which would drive the cost up tremendously. Also, because wall graphics are easily removed without damage you can take them down without having to repaint the walls afterward.

One important aspect to note is that the texture of the wall will impact how well a wall graphic will stick to it. You are able to choose higher or lower tack wall graphic material based on the wall you want it on and duration that you want it there. It’s always good to get an expert opinion on the material that would work best for the texture of your wall to ensure it adheres properly.

Benefits of doing wall graphics:

  • Transforms your office
  • Promotes creativity
  • Creates a more welcoming environment
  • Inspires staff with mission statements and company goals
  • Substantiates your brand/use for brand building
  • Easy to remove and replace

Having some trouble imagining what your custom wall graphics would look like? Contact us and we will do everything from consultation and design to print and installation. We look forward to helping you breathe new life in your walls.