Vacation Skip-A-Pay

Generate fee income while giving your members added peace of mind.

Taking care of your members is a staple of the credit union movement — and putting their needs first is the foundation. You can help by offering timely, sensible, and fairly priced financial alternatives, including Skip-A-Pay options. Your members gain access to cash without taking the route of unscrupulous payday lenders.

  1. Help members who are living paycheck to paycheck.

Fact: 63% of Americans have been living paycheck to paycheck since the start of COVID-19. Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans state that if they were hit with a $500 emergency, they would not be able to cover the cost.

This statistic can make anyone uneasy.

Be proactive by offering your members Skip-A-Pay opportunities, which keep their needs for cash flow top-of-mind. While beneficial for members, they’re also a way for your credit union to generate fee income.

  1. Educate members about the hazards of doing business with payday lenders.

Some see payday lenders as modern-day loan sharks, and deservedly so. Positioned as legitimate lenders, they prey on vulnerable individuals and fleece them with high rates and unfair fees, creating a cycle of expensive debt. The industry is flourishing, with 12 million Americans using payday loans annually and revenues reaching $18.2 billion in 2021 — and those profits come right from your members’ pockets.

You’re in a position to provide financial education and solutions before members get taken by a payday lender.

The bottom line?

Your members need fair and reasonable access to cash — and they need it now.

  1. Provide your members with options.

We all feel better when we have choices and are confident in our finances. Help your members understand their options to cash access, which includes the opportunity to take a brief break from a loan payment. Remember, most of your members live paycheck to paycheck and may not have the same financial knowledge or resources to realize the benefits of skipping a payment through a legitimate program.

When considering a program, look for results. Ask if you’ll see a 10 to 20% response rate on your skip-a-payment promotion. This is the goal we recommend for our clients. Over the last two years (2020 – 2021), Colorworks clients have averaged a 10% – 20% response rate from leveraging our Skip-A-Pay mailings. Supporting campaign materials, such as emails, digital ads, and lobby posters will enhance your response rate.

  1. Skip-A-Pay also offers benefits from an ROI perspective.

Credit unions should embrace their not-for-profit structure; however, fee income is always needed to provide superior member service. With Skip-A-Pay, not only can you assist your members but generate fee income, creating a win-win.

Your 2022 Vacation Skip-A-Pay Options:

You can customize the piece with your brand colors and logo for a unique member experience. For greater response, choose our state-of-the-art mail merge option, which lets your members select the qualifying loan they wish to skip. You’ll boost your interest and fee income – while giving members extra cash when they need it most.

What clients are saying:

We couldn’t be happier with our Skip promotion response, member impact, and ease of management.
~ Beth Peters, VP/Branch Operations, Unity One Credit Union
We have been participating in Colorworks’ Skip-a-Pay promotion for more than 20 years. We gained $4,515 in fee income from our last Skip promotion.
~ Lindsay McFelea, Social Media Manager, Cincinnati Police FCU, COPFCU


Choose your preferred date:

Commitment Dates (order received by Colorworks)

  • March 18, 2022: credit unions offering a June skip option.
  • April 11, 2022: credit unions offering a July skip option.
  • May 6, 2022: credit unions offering an August skip option.

Mailing Dates

  • Week of April 25, 2022: credit unions offering a June skip option
  • Week of May 16, 2022: credit unions offering a July skip option.
  • Week of June 6, 2022: credit unions offering an August skip option.

Give members the assistance they need.

CLICK TO LEARN MORE about how Colorworks can help improve your marketing right now. To schedule your Skip-A-Pay promotion, contact Holly Mackewicz at or call 800-243-0171. You’ll appreciate the results, and your members will appreciate you. We’re ready to help!

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