Turn Facebook Leads into Sales

Generating leads from Facebook is a great start—but what do you do with them now?

And, more importantly, how do you turn those leads into sales?

“Nothing happens in business until something gets sold.” – Thomas J. Watson.


Nurture leads using Retargeting:

Facebook allows you to show ads specifically to Facebook users that interacted with your ad. Show these users a second ad, ideally with a discount offer.

Another effective tactic is to run a Google Ads campaign targeted at previous website visitors; but make sure to exclude visitors who have already purchased. Previous visitors to your website are 70% more likely to convert than first-time viewers. Since they are much more likely to purchase, be sure to increase your Google Ads bidding strategy for these viewers.

Get ’em while they’re hot:

73% of leads go on to purchase from a company that contacts them within five minutes of their becoming a lead (Stye). That’s a huge conversion rate! Since Facebook is designed for casual scrolling, users often forget about ads they clicked on, even if it was earlier the same day. The best way to close is with a quick follow-up call to the lead as soon as they submit their contact information. Prospects are much more likely to respond to an immediate phone call rather than a “thank you for subscribing” email.

Send emails with discounts or special offers:

Let’s face it: we all get hundreds of unsolicited emails, and most of these remain unopened and are deleted. But if something catches our eye, we open it. What makes us want to open an email? Recipients open emails when there’s something in it for them, like an offer too good to pass up. This is why the subject line of the email is critical. Based on the subject line, recipients decide if they will open your email or not.

For example, here is an offer for 20% off Cape May Peanut Butter. If you’re a peanut butter fan, you may want to try it (and find that it’s the best peanut butter you’ve ever had!). This can create a loyal customer, all because of a special-offer email.

Of course, email is much more effective when integrated with other marketing tactics to create additional touch points in the sales process. The beauty of GrowthTrack from Colorworks is that it brings the power of multichannel marketing to your campaign affordably, getting you the most ROI for your marketing dollar.

Know when to say when:

If someone unsubscribes or says, “Take me off your call list,” it’s obviously time to stop. But when is it no longer worth time and resources? Every product or service has a different sales cycle length, so this timeline will be somewhat business-specific. For most products and services, three weeks after the initial touch point the lead becomes much less likely to make a purchase. So three weeks is a good rule of thumb for removing those leads from retargeting ads. Leads who don’t show interest within the first three weeks are only worth reaching out to every couple of months to determine if their interest level has changed.

Lead generation with FB can be an extremely powerful tool to grow your business. Use these tips to create a blitz-style marketing campaign to convert those leads into sales. For an effective multichannel campaign, contact Colorworks to learn how we can affordably design and execute a fully integrated campaign with results you can see and monitor on your personal dashboard.

Ready to get started?

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