Tips For Being More Productive

According to numerous web sources, people like seeing things in lists because it’s an easy way for the brain to process and organize information. That being said, here is a list of 11 simple tips from that can help make your business more productive.
  1. Analyze which activities are taking the most time but producing less than desired results and eliminate them from your schedule entirely.
  2. Make a short list of priorities and keep your team focused on them.
  3. Respond to urgent emails first and sideline non-urgent emails for later.
  4. Schedule meetings to be 30 minutes or less since most issues can be addressed in that amount of time.
  5. Plan time into your schedule that is dedicated solely to future thinking and brainstorming.
  6. Don’t stretch yourself thin if your mood and energy levels are low.
  7. Delegate tasks to people on your team who may be better equipped for it than you.
  8. Analyze a decision and gather data thoroughly but make a decision when the time comes.
  9. Give yourself one day a week where you don’t have any meetings scheduled.
  10. Make your work-space comfortable, personalized, and organized to keep yourself motivated.
  11. Eat healthily and stay active. Good health habits increase productivity and boost performance in the long term


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