Seven Traits All Great Leaders Have

Seven Traits All Great Leaders Have

No matter our profession, all of us want to be the very best we can be. The same holds true for us at Colorworks; only our job is to make you and your business the best it can be. Consider these seven traits we love, and that all great leaders share.

  1. Leaders are proactive—not reactive.

Successful leaders devote time to thinking outside the box and realize that having a strategy will make every endeavor and business venture more successful. This strategy must tie back to your vision and value proposition.

  1. Leaders Listen.

One of the most valuable skills for a leader is to become an active listener. When you listen more than you speak, you can learn more about your employees, customers, or members—and this insight enables you to craft better processes and meet stakeholder needs.

  1. Leaders create a vision that stakeholders can embrace.

Crafting a vision helps every process of the organization. It provides guidance for a business to make appropriate decisions, hire the right staff, adopt the right technology, and ultimately grow.

  1. Leaders empower staff to make decisions.

Entrusting your team to fulfill the company’s mission builds trust, motivation, and enthusiasm among all stakeholders. This empowerment can help a company to cultivate its brightest and most valuable resource—the team.

  1. Leaders take risks.

The willingness to take smart and measured risks is something that comes naturally to many leaders. However, it can be a learned skill; and, with an appropriate strategy and vision in place, you can feel more confident in the risks you take.

  1. Leaders foster an environment where mistakes are okay.

No one is perfect, far from it. A good leader understands that even the most stellar employee will make mistakes. The key is to create a learning experience from it, and on occasion, perform an internal evaluation. Does a policy or training process need to change?

  1. Leaders understand that multiple channels of communication must be embraced to reach today’s consumer.

There’s no one right way to reach today’s consumer. In fact, most consumers receive information from multiple channels, including print, digital, social media, phone, and in-person. Savvy leaders realize they can’t limit their communications’ efforts—but they can be smart with the messages and channels they choose.

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