Maximize Your Message with Video Marketing

A recent study by Microsoft concluded that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds — shrinking nearly 25% in just a few years. To compete with all the digital media viewers are exposed to on a daily basis, your content needs to grab their attention or you’ll risk them losing interest before you’re able to make a connection.
To combat this fading attention span and boost engagement, Colorworks is encouraging clients to add video marketing, varying in length and professionally produced.

Video is Flexible

Because of the flexibility of this format, you can uniquely communicate your individual culture and values. Choose from a variety of messages; for example: an overview of your organization, a description of a product or service, a tour of your facility or an introduction to a key team member. Educational topics are also very popular and engaging.

A Noteworthy Statistic:

According to Small Business Trends, 93% of businesses that use video in their marketing report landing a new customer as a result. That’s because savvy marketers know that storytelling has long been pivotal in connecting with customers.

The article adds, “When it comes to consumers and social media, video is first with everything else coming in second. This essentially means brands and marketers have to take a video-first approach when they are looking to reach their audience on social media.”

The Colorworks marketing team is helping clients integrate video into their marketing campaigns. It’s one more touchpoint to communicate your message. Colorworks Video Shorts are an easy and affordable way to quickly add video into your mix.  Shorts are generally 30 seconds in length, consisting of up to seven frames, and can be produced with or without voice-over narration.


View our Video Short produced for Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union. It tells the story of one young family’s financial journey.



Colorworks and Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union ($150 Million Assets, Northfield, NJ), collaborated in February of 2021 for this successful video production. After interviewing our client to capture the mood and copy points, we developed the script, crafted the frame headers, and managed the video production.

The result? A video that resonated with current and prospective members while connecting with anyone, regardless of age, lifestyle, or financial status. It also shared the credit union’s unique mission and vision of serving its members — not possible with other mediums. If you’re struggling with the content of the video, check out these creative ideas: Engage With Valuable Content  


The videos helped us to grow our social media and resulted in clicks to our website. Members loved seeing their credit union video online and on commercials.

— Erna Laielli, Marketing Manager, Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union

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