A Small Investment Can Mean A BIG Return

Need Fee Income?

It’s essential for a growing credit union as margins continue to tighten.

Mercer County NJ Teachers FCU, Hamilton, NJ, recently netted more than $13,000 in non-interest income from a recent mortgage email marketing campaign. The total cost? Just $200. A small investment can mean a BIG return.

Margins are getting tighter, non-interest and fee income is statistically dropping in the U.S., and financial institutions are feeling it in their bottom lines. Some statistics show a 32% drop in fee income for smaller financial institutions since 2008. This is for various reasons—regulatory restrictions, fintech competition, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other factors. However, as your members’ trusted financial partner, you can position your credit union to garner more business and generate important non-interest income.

Email marketing is a win-win.

For example, many of you offer mortgage programs for your members. These promotions are not only beneficial for your members during the COVID-19 crisis but an excellent source of Non-Interest Fee income.

Adam Romero, the CEO of Mercer County NJ Teachers FCU, shares his credit union’s success from a simple yet powerful mortgage email: “Need Budget Relief?” The goal was to encourage members to visit the credit union’s website to learn about their mortgage options and set an appointment with a mortgage specialist.


MCNJTFCU’s initiative netted a tremendous result:
Emails sent: 1,977
Emails opened: 545
Website clicks: 24

In 90 days, the credit union earned $13,912 in non-interest income from the promotion, as a percentage of the amount financed.

Ready to get started?

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And remember, members always benefit when they take advantage of your affordable services!

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