6-Step Approach for Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing Specialists

The team at Colorworks is different from an agency. We’re a team of marketing specialists that can handle everything from copy, design and photography to print, distribution and mailing, right in house! We believe in strategy before tactics. Our 6-Step Approach for Direct Mail is designed to revitalize your direct mail campaigns and bring the perfect prospective customers to your business.

Our Comprehensive 6-Step Approach for Direct Mail:

  1. Strategy: Our proprietary software, Snap Shot, takes a look at your existing customers using up to 28 defining characteristics and we create an ideal customer profile for you to focus your marketing dollars on.
  2. Targeting: We run your new ideal customer profile through a selection of zip codes to pinpoint the specific addresses of your ideal customers. You’ll save money by mailing less and will attain higher response rates.
  3. Copy: Our experienced copywriters create compelling stories that differentiate your business from your competitors and pique the interest of your ideal targets.
  4. Photography: Custom photography captures your business in unique and fun ways that connect deeper with your target market, compared to stock photography.
  5. Design: Larger format pieces are proven successful in highlighting your business in a comprehensive way while smaller size postcards are effective for specific products and promotions.
  6. Print, Distribute & Mail: Colorworks is a 1-stop shop, so we can execute it all in house.

Proven Results

We used our 6-Step Approach for Direct Mail to help revitalize Frederick Living’s direct mail campaigns and it was highly successful. Check out what Vicki Kriczky, Marketing Manager at Frederick Living, had to say about their results and take a look at the first piece of four that we crafted in-house from start to finish.

“Brandy and her team helped me market our new cottages. They did the photography, wrote the copy, designed the literature, helped us with a demographic list and then printed and mailed it for us. Since the first mailing we’ve had record sales. Her team made it incredibly easy and are a joy to work with!”  —Vicki Kriczky, Frederick Living
In addition to direct mail and collateral, we can also help you with all your other marketing needs:
      • Website
      • Email
      • Social Media
      • Vehicle Wraps
      • Promo items
      • Indoor Signs
      • Yard Signs
      • Banners
      • Wall Graphics
      • Banner Stands

Contact Us today to find out more or call Brandy Smale at 610-367-7599 ext. 244 for a free consultation on how you can improve the ROI on your next direct mail campaign.